Student Recommended Reading: Insurgent

Ersie Cooper, ninth grade, starts reading the second book in the Divergent series:51h4jpr8zil-_sx328_bo1204203200_

“So far Tris cut hair really short. And everyone is still in the Amity compound. Tris is also still in love with Four/Tobias. I love the first book “Divergent” but I don’t know about Insurgent. ”

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Student Recommended Reading: Ninth Grade Slays


Shane Cole reviews that second book in the graphic novel adaptation of the popular series “The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.”

Vladimir tod has accepted the fact that he’s a lot different than everyone else but little does he know someone very loved in his life get hurt and his friends cousin is a hunter so now he has to overcome the challenges of defeating the council and this newly found hunter.

I really recommend this book if u have read the first one it’s really good and i think this book is way better than the first one because it keeps u on your feet and keeps you wanting to keep reading and not put the book down.

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Student Recommended Reading: Eighth Grade Bites

Shane Cole reviews the first book in graphic novel version of popular series “The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod”. 

51yibglsbjl-_sy445_ql70_Eight Grade Bites: a Graphic Novel

Vladimir tod was a young vampire and when he was a youngster his parents ended up leaving him and left him with his aunt that was not a vampire to watch over him and such but little did he know that there was some stuff to uncover on his journey of being a vampire

Who should read this book?

I recommend this book for many reasons it’s suspenseful keeps u on your feet it was a really good book to me and i hope whoever reads this book enjoys it as much as i did 

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