March Madness: Week Three Voting

march madnessWe’re nearing the end! With both polls, pick the book you enjoyed more, then click “Vote!” After choosing your favorites, I’ll publish the results Friday, March 22nd.


March Madness: Week Two Results

march madness

Once again, we’ve had a lot of close calls in regards to voting! Unfortunately, it’s only going to get more difficult to choose your favorite…

Here’s the results from last week’s voting:


Are you still in the running? Not sure? Come on in to the library and I can tell you your points. Get excited to vote this coming Tuesday, March 19th for the next round!

March Madness: Week Two Voting

march madness

Today we’re voting for the second week’s bracket winners! What are your thoughts on these new line-ups?

Thanks for voting! Stay tuned for the results on Friday, March 15th!